Creative Minds

Quality 1 of the Creative Mind: Resourcefulness

Posted on: January 29, 2009

A  resourceful person has the ability to find creative new uses for old things in order to overcome obstacles or to reach a desired goal.

To think up new concepts will probably require you to think out-of-the box. It’s highly likely that you will have to leave your comfort zone and that is normally uncomfortable. I want to make the following statement: The person with the greatest tolerance for the discomfort resulting from moving outside his/her comfort zone, will be the most resourceful. Do you agree?

Trigger thinking outside-the-box by asking the BSQ’s (Big Six Questions): how?, why?, who?, what?, when? and the ultimate one, what if?. When you answer the BSQ’s write down all the solutions that come to mind, no matter how hare-brained or impossible it might seem at that stage. You will sift through them later. Even ludicrous solutions can often be adapted to something perfectly practical on second thought.

Do you have a problem that seems insurmountable? Do you dream of a goal you just don’t know how to reach? Write down all possible and impossible solutions and then take it from there…

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