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Quality 4 of the Creative Mind: Persistence

Posted on: February 1, 2009

“In the confrontation between water and the rock the water always wins. Not through strength but through persistence”.

To be persistent means to continue to do something in spite of opposition, difficulty or obstacles. If you want to be persistant you need to develop a dogged determination to keep going no matter what setbacks come across your path.

You could experience difficulty in an area like the application of art materials, opposition in the form of lack of support from family and friends or struggling to find the time to pursue your creative activities. You’ll need to develop persistence to solve problems and overcome obstacles like these. The best way to develop persistence is to keep trying until you succeed. Having said that, it will sometimes be wise and necessary to abandon efforts to get support from unsupporting people if it takes too much of your creative energy. You might decide that trying to reach a certain goal is a dead-ended case and can justify why you should abandon it. However, abandoning a goal should be the exception rather than the rule.

The payoffs of persistence, amongst others, are productivity, increase in self-confidence, developing of life skills, and steady growth in your chosen area of creativity.

In which areas of your creative life do you need to learn to be more persistent?

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