Creative Minds

Quality 7 of the Creative Mind: Inventiveness

Posted on: February 4, 2009

Invention can be defined as the intuitive process to discover and formulate something which has not existed before. Inventiveness is the quality of having or showing creative ability or the capacity for original thought.
The invention of an artist is the creation of a new work of art which have not existed before. Invention happens when a totally new and original creation is produced eg. the design and painting of an abstract painting reflecting the artist’s emotions. When an artist copies an original painting, no invention takes place because the artist did not discover or formulate any new concept which has not existed before. Invention is an intuitive, right-brain process where leaps of insight are often made without evidence to support it, based on gut feeling, in contrast with the left-brain where decisions and opinions are based strictly on supporting evidence.
By developing and applying the different qualities of the creative mind, the artist can steadily increase his/her inventiveness. What can you do today to stimulate your  inventiveness? And what could be your long-term strategy to optimise your capacity for invention?


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