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Quality 9 of the Creative Mind: Expansiveness

Posted on: February 6, 2009

To expand means to broaden, develop and increase.

So what to expand? If you increase your knowledge about yourself your work will become more authentic and personal.

Most creatives do best in their art if their knowledge covers a large, wide area. A wide scope of knowledge allows the artist to make many different connections in the practising of his/her art.

Developing your practical knowledge about your art form – materials, principles and techniques, and the varieties of application of your materials – will allow you the freedom to better express yourself in your art.

Broadening your knowledge of the creativity process will allow you to make original and unique connections between the different elements of your art. Knowledge of creativity will also help you to weather the ups and downs of being an artist eg. how to survive and overcome artist’s block.

Knowledge gleaned from biographies and autobiographies of other artists will increase your understanding of the process and struggles they went through in their art careers. Weaponed with this information you’ll have more sympathy and understanding for your own path in your art career and life.

Equipping yourself with the above knowledge as much as you can, you are less likely to become blocked because you should always be able to think of something different to try out, be it a new technique or perhaps a change in perspective on your art work.

Do you need to expand your knowledge in any of the above areas?


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