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Quality 12 of the Creative Mind: Self-efficacy

Self-efficacy is the confidence you have in your ability to produce an intended result, as opposed to self-esteem which is a general feeling of your self-worth. Self-efficacy asks “Can I do this?” while self-esteem asks “How do I feel about myself?”

Self-efficacy can be built by accomplishing a goal. Choose a goal that is challenging yet achievable – success in reaching it must be probable. Break the goal down into Ridiculously Easy Baby Steps (REBS). Each baby step must be so ridiculously easy that there is no doubt in your mind that you will be able to achieve it. As you complete every REBS, your confidence and belief in your ability to achieve a desired outcome will grow bit by bit. As you become more and more successful in achieving your REBS, your certainty of success will breed action, whereas fear of failure causes inaction and procrastination.

Do you need to build up your belief in your ability to accomplish your goals?

You can read more about self-efficacy at


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