Creative Minds

Quality 8 of the Creative Mind: Willingness to Learn

The combination of knowledge and creativity goes hand in hand with richness in people’s lives. Knowledge and creativity are inseperable and interrelated. Knowledge is developed by creativity, and creativity is enhanced by knowledge.

The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge.          Adolf Berle

Truly successful creatives are always willing to learn more. They have a lifelong enthusiasm for learning and studying. They are on a never-ending quest for knowledge. They continuously ask “What if?” and if they don’t know they answer, they do what they have to to find it.

The more you expose yourself to new knowledge and ideas, the more information you have at your disposal from which to invent new, original connections.

When you find your well of creativity has temporarily dried up, expose yourself to new information: attend a class on an unknown topic, do research on the Internet or read books, surround yourself with inspiring  things like flowers, quotes, paintings and music. Keep a pen and paper handy everywhere you go and write down any small piece of information or fraction of an idea, no matter how stupid or irrelevant it may seem at the time. Eventually you will start making connections between bits and pieces of  knowledge and ideas.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I have a thirst for knowledge?
  • Should I be more  studious regarding creativity and my chosen field of creative activity?
  • Do I manage and satisfy my quest for knowledge?
  • Do I manage my knowledge to optimize my creativity?



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